A Salute to Gene Roddenberry, and His Love for Real Space.

The 50th anniversary of Star Trek has brought back many special memories I have of interacting with its creator, the late Gene Roddenberry. I had the pleasure of working with Gene when he was an advisor on my Space Resort real estate venture in the 1980’s and on my Star Trek theme park (Star Base One) real estate venture in the early 1990’s.

Gene often talked about his love and support for the real space program. That love carried over to his fans, who orchestrated a massive letter-writing campaign to President Ford to name the first Space Shuttle Enterprise. They succeeded in creating a beautiful crossover between space entertainment and the real space program.

Gene passed away on October 24, 1991. Because of his strong support for NASA and the positive influence of his Star Trek concept, his ashes were quietly flown in space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-52 in October 1992.

If Gene were with us today, I’d sure want him as a member of our Mars World advisory team.

Thank you, Gene, for your legacy of love and passion for space.